Native and Edible Trees, Bushes & Perennials

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 Locations & Hours - 2021

Nursery in New Bloomfield:

                  698 Shermans Valley Rd. 

                    1/2 mile west of town on PA Rt. 274


                  Fall Hours: beginning Sept. 9 - Oct. 23 *

                *Call and we will most likely be here for you.

                 Monday - ???    

                 Tuesday - ???

                  Wednesday - ???

                  Thursday - ???

                   Friday  -  ???

                   Saturday - 9:00 AM -1:00 PM 

                   Sunday - Closed

                   Holidays - Closed

*These are advertised hours only. We live at the nursery and we

 are almost always here. Feel free to call at your convenience and

 we will most likely accommodate you or you may find us open

 at an unadvertised time.   

 Late October thru mid April - Closed, but call if you are in need of


 *Always good to call first if coming from a distance. 

 (717) 275-5725

*After late October: No advertised hours. Still here; 

 still working; call, text, or email for plants.


PA Farmers Open Air Market

PA Farm Show Bldg. Parking Lot

Corner or Cameron St. & Industrial Park Rd. Harrisburg, Pa.

Tuesdays Only 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (thru late October)

*Orders for pickup at market accepted. See below for details.


 Lewisburg:  Natural Food & Garden Store

 2724 Old Turnpike Rd. (PA Rt. 45 West of town)

                      Wednesday - 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM 

**See you in the Spring of 2022



           **Special Orders - Email, Text or (call if no email) the

                  nursery 24 hours before or sooner for pickup on market day.  

                *Large orders of trees and bushes (including all large trees)

                  need to be picked up at the nursery in New Bloomfield.


     ***Special Sales - Perennial Gardens will bring 

                 orders of plants, plus extra plants for sale, to your organization

                 in your town. $1500.00 minimum needed of preordered sales

                and I will give back to your organization 5% of total sales. 

               You advertise the sale to your membership / community and

                provide me a place to set up for approx. 4 hours.

             Please contact Perennial Gardens for more info and 

               an available date.